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BIHAKU teeth whitening machine

Characteristic of BIHAKU White LED55

Safety LED light without release of UV light was inspected by inspection organization in Japan.

  1. 11 pcs of high power Blue light. Original design.
  2. Stylish design based on high safety and human engineering
  3. Blue LED reaches the whole of mouth, pulpitis and sensitive is not likely to react with almost not heating
  4. 360 free rotation design of arm with free angle adjustment
  5. Whitening time can be adjust by pre-set of timer with Microprocessor
  6. Immediate cut of fuse with security when over current
  7. Lighting of LED is adjustable by group A and group B

■How to make profit from BIHAKU Teeth Whitening machine:

For Salon Owners・・・Install the machine into empty space to bring out the synergistic effect with the main business.

■How to use it:Put a mouth opener on your mouth and spray our liquid toothpaste on your teeth. To avoid glare, wear sunglasses, turn on the LED irradiator and irradiate blue visible light for 8 minutes. After that, brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with water.


Country: Japan
Model No: BIHAKU-W55
Spec(box): (W)640mm☓(D)640mm☓(H)25mm Weight:18㎏
Place of Origin: Saitama,Japan


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