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BIHAKU Whitening Mouth Treatment




NET WT:100g

■Description: A self-care treatment of teeth that combines good ingredients for oral  environment such as hydroxyapatite  (derived from scallop shells)

  1. collagen
  2. and xylitol
  3. You  can keep your teeth beautiful and  healthy by using it every day. ※  1:Cleaning agent ※ 2:moisturizer ※ 3:Sweetener

■ What is tooth treatment?

By using it, you can prevent the deterioration of scratches on the surface of your teeth.

Although teeth are strong enough to crush hard food, they are actually very delicate and easily scratched with the slightest irritation. For example, brushing teeth with a hard toothbrush or applying too much force when brushing can leave scratches on the surface of teeth. Also, be aware that the abrasives in toothpaste can cause fine scratches on the surface of the teeth. Scratches on the teeth make it easier for plaque and stains to accumulate on the surface of the teeth, so if proper care is not taken, the teeth will turn yellow and become more susceptible to decay.

Dental treatments can fill in scratches and smooth the surface of teeth. It also has the effect of suppressing the negative effects of scratches, such as preventing tooth decay, bad breath, and tartar deposition.